Floor Tiles

Quintessenza Ceramiche floor coverings are based on the combination of two thicknesses (9 e 3,5 mm), two complimentary sizes (hexagon and trapezium) and two concepts (monochrome and full field decoration), to create an infinite range of modular installation solutions, an optical illusion of depth and space and new interior design concepts for the most diverse surroundings.

Wall Tiles

The wall covering in its elemental state. A multi-faceted ceramic surface that is versatile and eclectic, suggesting multiple and infinite combinations of colours, sizes and layouts. Bucking the trend of today’s mainstream ceramic products QC turns to the past to retrieve the values and origins of hand crafted ceramics in a new dialogue between the modern and the traditional.
The basic elements of QC wall coverings are small size tiles, material, the thickness, the surface finish, the structure and the exclusively monochrome colouring.