Marea catalogue: discover now the new collection

The complete catalogue of the new Marea collection is now out. An explosion of shape and colour to present a collection that is the latest creation of the Quintessenza Ceramiche brand and already recognised as “iconic”.


The dance of the waves

The Marea catalogue opens with an incipit: a statuesque column tiled with matt sage Alta-marea ceramics, cradled by the movements of the waves, which are in turn influenced by the moon.

The glazed white body wall tile is available in three structures: Marea (smooth base) and Alta-marea with a matt finish, Bassa-marea with a gloss finish.

It is a collection that does not go unnoticed thanks to its special form: concave and convex motifs that create a ribbed wall tile with a distinctive modern mood.

On-trend colours in the name of style

The six Marea colours are the result of an in-depth study of colour: BLUE, created from a combination of Prussian Blue and Anthracite Grey; SAGE, featuring a touch of blue; PINK, with a veil of neutral grey in its pastel tones; PURPLE-red, chosen for its violet hues, a hallmark of elegance and refinement; and BLACK and WHITE, timeless classics that simply could not be left out of this colour palette.
Browse through the Marea catalogue and discover which shade suits you best.

Movement that becomes form, form that becomes design

The soft forms of its structures have led us to explore new possibilities of interpretation. And create the vision of a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic that influences this collection and everything that surrounds it. Sinuous, undulated forms, ready to contrast with more rigid, essential shapes.

Leafing through the Marea catalogue you will discover a new way of presenting ceramics as the main and integral ingredient of a concept, in which different parts interact, creating fascinating symmetries and overlaps.

We love ideas that carry us faraway, that stimulate a chain reaction, a project within the project.

We started from the sinuous forms of the sea that inspired us to decontextualise them. This is how the new QC concept came into being..

Elegant environments that satisfy your design requirements

Marea is a collection that is both elegant and versatile. It will give a wall real character if you choose PURPLE-red..

And thanks to its ability to decorate curved surfaces, it will enhance any arched passageway.

Download the Marea catalogue and discover all our environments.

Counters and custom-made volumes

The Marea collection is ideal for all types of structures and can decorate any volume, even rounded ones. It can also be used to create made-to-measure furnishings, like benches, stools, and small tables.


Marea + Confetti = a perfect combination

In the part of the Marea catalogue, dedicated to individual tile details, we have included a selection of floors coordinated with the porcelain stoneware Confetti collection.

There is also a choice of grouts that combine perfectly with the colours of Marea and Confetti.