Cersaie 2021 Recap

Quintessenza Ceramiche has attended Cersaie 2021, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings presenting a “space – installation” with a nod to Memphis Design.
As we agree with this style, we pictured a metaphysical place that would fascinate and capture visitors’ attention with arches, columns, mirror facings, entwined solid elements, and unconventional totemic representations in which ceramics become cult objects.



The stand is divided into 6 areas:
The majestic arched entrance in which the luminous QC logo catches the eye leads onto a central area (1) with a Confetti nero.petrolio floor that recreates the elegance of Venetian terrazzo in a contemporary style.
In this area, there is a semi-oval table, surrounded by four solemn columns featuring Alta-marea salvia matt, tiles. An interior design for coordinated “totally customizable” projects.



On the right (2), an area dedicated to the entire Marea collection becomes a genuine artistic installation with the three ceramic structures displayed on different levels: the gloss finish concave form (Bassa-marea), the matt finish convex form (Alta-marea), and the restful matt background (Marea). Alternating forms and colours that create an attractive interplay of surfaces.



On the left (3) is the box dedicated to the Confetti series, which catches the eye with its range of chips and lively colours that create a post-modern environment with art design references.This transversal product combines easily with the other collections in the range and especially with Tinte and Marea, it succeeds in creating highly effective solutions for architectural spaces.



The Tinte (4) collection is displayed opposite Confetti, again on different levels. Its thirteen different shades, meticulously selected from the latest colour trends offer a new type of elegance that never goes unobserved.
Gloss and matt surface contrasts and triangular columns pay tribute to a collection with innumerable expressive possibilities.



The Lounge area (5) located on the right is separated from the Marea collection by a partition made of semi-arc forms decorated with the two undulated structures and a smooth strip tile, showing how this versatile product can be used in numerous contexts.

The relaxation area consists of soft, comfortable seating from which visitors can admire the splendid photographs taken between Venice and Cattolica that gave rise to the new Marea collection.

In this journey through our land, history, and culture, water is the leitmotif that not only inspires and fascinates but also becomes something to imitate and reproduce. This is the spark that gave life to Marea.



The entire back wall (6) is decorated with blue Marea tiles that combine the smooth, matt background version (Marea) with the gloss concave structure (Bassa-marea) to create a sophisticated atmosphere for a theatrical interpretation of classic wall tile decoration.