Progetto on Demand

Rivestimento in pasta bianca

The Progetto on demand series of wall coverings is Quintessenza Ceramiche’s response to the most exacting requests for the personalization of public or private spaces.

A ceramic line with infinite creative potential, based on the combination of the following elements:

– 8 sizes + 6 collections
– 2 surfaces (flat and bevelled)
– 2 glaze finishes (gloss and mat)
– The entire range of Ral, NCS or Pantone colours.


Within the Progetto on demand collection clients can request a personalized product to meet the most exacting requirements.
Minimum order:
500m2 for size/surface/finish/colour
+ extra 10% surplus production

Production of sample from date of order/request:
2 to 4 weeks.
Production times from approval of sample and order confirmation: 6 to 8 weeks.