Marea winner – Archiproducts Design Awards 2022

ADA 2022 Award Ceremony: Design Excellence Showcased in Milan


During the evening event on Wednesday, 23 November in the imposing spaces of Padiglione Visconti, the winners of the

Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 were announced.
An event made special by the energy of 1000 guests including architects, designers and brands, but also journalists, influencers and art directors from all over the world, gathered in a unique setting. Padiglione Visconti, a true “backstage” for Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, is a place that can change its essence from show business to cultural outpost bringing together art, fashion and design.

The theme of ADA 2002 has been the near future of Artificial Intelligence and its possible impact on the creative process.

Being a talking point for several years, the event allowed to glimpse the first concrete results that seem to herald a real revolution. It's the new generations that will have the task of fully understanding the potential and incredible applications of Machine Learning in the world of design.

While guests were immersed Artificial Intelligence and humanoids, the evening continued with the presentation of the coveted award to the winners of the 2022 edition. The brand Winners received the icon/trophy designed by Spanish studio MUT Design and fabricated by De Castelli for this edition with a DeMarea Brass finish, whose "watercolour" effect is obtained by superimposing manual oxidation on brass.


The prize awarded to Marea by Ramona Macchi





The selected products will be designated “Winners” in 14 categories – Furniture, Bathroom, Kitchen, Outdoor, Office, Contract, Lighting, Decor, Finishes, Cladding, Building, Tech, and Building Materials. Ciascuno dei componenti della giuria ADA 2022 ha valutato i prodotti candidati secondo la propria personale visione del design, premiando la ricerca di soluzioni innovative e sostenibili, l’abilità nel definire o anticipare scenari d’uso, nonché il rapporto tra produzione e progetto.

Marea won the ADA 2022 in the “Finishes” category and was selected among hundreds of products for the quality of the design, the 3D graphics, and the concept.

Ramona Macchi art director and product manager

After the award ceremony, Ramona Macchi, the Quintessenza Ceramiche product manager commented: “Marea is a beautifully made product whose two, concave and convex, structures and gloss and matt finishes endow ceramics with a contemporary taste and appeal as they adapt easily to different styles. I am extremely happy to have won this prize awarded by an elite jury of important names in Italian and international design.”