QC follow up – Cersaie 2022

XYZ: a dot that becomes a line and then space. To be experienced.


The most important exhibition in the ceramic sector has recently come to an end: Cersaie 2022.
Quintessenza took part with a unique installation space called: XYZ.
The challenge was to create a dynamic and contemporary environment with spaces and volumes decorated with a precise pattern of interlocking stoneware tiles..

Cersaie 2022 | Hall 26 - Stand A36


The installation space consists of 3 exhibition areas:





AREAS 1 and 2

Like on the XYZ plane, dots design lines and shapes in space, so our ceramics become a live material that animates and decorates the forms it meets.

The two installations that welcome visitors invite them to look through these spaces and discover what lies Oltre (beyond): playful effects with forms and Quadretti (squares) where empty becomes full and vice versa.
They are windows that open onto new worlds that go beyond the boundary between inside and outside.

The exhibition then leads the visitor to the Teklan AREA, a space dedicated to the Färgblock collection (colour block in English) developed in collaboration with the designer and colorist Tekla Evelina Severin @teklan.
This is a place where colour defines styles and possibilities through matches and contrasts.
As colour is the leitmotif that unites Quintessenza Ceramiche and Teklan. 

Teklan Area


Tekla Evelina Severin @teklan

Tekla, the Swedish colorist and designer is regarded as a leading figure in the world of design.
Tekla, aka “Teklan”, is well known for her bold colour compositions and the playful and often monochromatic design of her graphic style.
It is this use of unexpected colour combinations that make her so contemporary and sought after for new international projects.
She works in a multidisciplinary sphere: from artistic direction to set design and photography by combining the profession of interior architect with personal projects including art, installation and photography.
She has recently been named by German AD as one of the most influential people in the design sector.
This year she has also been awarded the ELLE DECO EDIDA 2022 International Award for best kitchen designer and the ELLE DECO Swedish Award for best interior designer.

Quintessenza Ceramiche has organized the XYZ party for the first time at the stand at @cersaie. It was a magical evening, a moment of interaction, sharing, and comparison with customers, employees, and partners.

Download the party images