QC | MDW 2023 | Archiproducts

Comfort and connection with the earth at Archiproducts Milano

A visual continuum inspired by nature’s gradients creates a truly coherent and materially immersive experience.







A large and suspended moon is the focal point of an installation that recreates the feeling of being at the centre of the universe.




Terra. Inspired by Earth” is the new Design Experience at Archiproducts Milano, with a project by Studiopepe. The earth is our home. The Earth offers true materials, warm colours, a sense of belonging. The Earth is where we demand a need for responsibility.


The interior project guides us throughout the discovery of our connection with the earth that evokes a sense of peace. A project where nature inspires the choice of colours and materials with a careful and conscious approach to design.


The finishes and furniture complement the interior with delicate shades of terracotta, sand and clay.

Inside the concept store, our collections (Färgblock, Oltre, and Marea) selected by studiopepe are located in different rooms.

Design Talks at Archiproducts Milan
During the Milano Design Week 2023, architects, designers and distinguished guests will gather and meet under the ‘glow’ of the big moon by
Davide Groppi at the very center of Via Tortona 31.
They will discuss the meaning of ‘Space’, ‘Color’, ‘Matter’ and ‘Light’ during the creative process in architecture and design. Design Talks at Archiproducts Milano are a series of interactive conversations that explore the use and understanding of materials to create shape, the use impact of colors, the importance of natural and artificial light, and Artificial Intelligence.

Come and visit us. We are waiting for you!!

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2023 - 17 | 23 Aprile
Archiproducts Milano, via Tortona 31