QC REFLECT10N | Cersaie 2023

REFLECT10N is a “reflection” on the past, a flashback to the origins of Quintessenza Ceramiche, when 10 years ago two young entrepreneurs decided to combine their resources and expertise and create a ceramic brand that made its debut right here at Cersaie.


The present is the MIRROR of our growth that led us to develop the brand. We started from the elegant, sober style of the neutral tones and clean lines of our first projects, and we arrived right at the present day of our new, bright and contemporary collections, that are the result of constant research into new trends, particularly in terms of colour, graphics and finishes.

The living flame of our early days has never gone out as it is our lifeblood for the future, a stimulus that gives us strength, helps us grow and challenges us every day. Today Quintessenza Ceramiche is a cohesive team that works together to achieve common goals and sustain the brand through a sense of shared responsibility.

REFLECT10N is a dynamic environment composed of spaces created from suggestive materials and textures, reflections and ceramic materials. It represents a frame enveloped by soft curtains in which the past embraces the present; and where time crystallizes and is mediated between the ceramics and the surrounding environment.

Cersaie 2026 | Hall 26 - Stand A36-B39


The exhibition space designed for Cersaie 40′ represents an agora that shares and recounts the journey of Quintessenza’s 10 years through a series of material and sensory installations that aim to engage visitors and transport them to the new dimension of REFLECT10N..




REFLECT10N is a game of mirror reflections, an immersion in a cohesive experience of materials and textures.

The two main entrances (Corridor A and Corridor B) are characterised by an “optical game” that displays the QC logo in one direction, the word REFLECT10N in the other, and a combination of the two only when viewed frontally..

The recommended visitor experience starts from corridor A, where we are welcomed into a bright and loving embrace by the first installation dedicated to the Färgblock collection. This consists of a “spiral” that envelops us and allows us to appreciate the full power of the color-block. Färgblock is our ceramic collection developed in collaboration with the interior designer and colorist Tekla Evelina Severin @teklan, and now enhanced with a matt finish.

Continuing to the left, we come to the communication totems. These are 4 pillars in which the collections featured at Cersaie 2023 are represented through inspirational graphics. A riot of shapes and colours present the enhancement of 4 existing collections (Pigmento, Marea, Färgblock, Minima8.6) that have made Quintessenza Ceramiche history. 

On the left, topped by an imposing luminous caption dedicated to our “Quintessenza” is the first lounge area, furnished in perfect QC style.


The restyled Minima 8.6 collection stands out from the wall thanks to an installation composed of mirrored triangles that reflect everything they encounter.
Here, Quintessenza presents an innovative hexagon format (17×15 cm) with pop colours and a new geometric decoration Mix 2.
Opposite the Minima 8.6 wall is the Pigmento10 sculpture. This perfect example of design is an X-shaped structure that merges a ceramic-covered volume and a shaped panel with a porthole in the centre.
Pigmento’s endless colour combinations, now available in a 10×10 cm format, are a challenge to creativity, while its decisive shade variations turn any monochrome background into a mosaic of different tones.
The large circular counter located in the centre of the booth is a symbol of openness, hospitality and sociability. Färgblock stoneware brick tiles have been used on the floors and walls to form decorative elements that highlight the style and architecture of the space. A “sunburst” laying pattern has also been chosen to give greater prominence to this area, and the result is a visually striking art installation.



The experience then continues towards the “infinity effect” architectural composition. This is a new area dedicated to your photos. Created by installing two mirrors, one on the floor and the other above it, on the ceiling, this area features several volumes, including a central column decorated with Alta-marea tiles plus other shapes covered with Pigmento10, Färgblock and Minima 8.6 tiles, some of which you can sit on and take “infinity effect” photos.
The QC – 10 lettering is constructed using Pigmento10 with “pixel graphic” panels that act as a partition between the relaxation area and the fun selfie area, giving the environment a light and playful mood.
The Marea New Colours panels positioned by the entrance to corridor B mirror each other to create a striking interplay of reflections.
The new colours have been added to offer planners and interior designers maximum freedom of colour choice thanks to this contemporary and sophisticated ceramic collection.
The relaxation area is dedicated to the history of Quintessenza Ceramiche. This illustrated account of QC’s 10-year story projected onto a large luminous ledwall is designed to offer an immersive experience that will catapult visitors into the QC world..

Download the pdf with the presentation of the stand

Con REFLECT10N Quintessenza Ceramiche vuole omaggiare collaboratori e clienti scegliendo di celebrare i 10 anni proprio a Cersaie, dove ha esordito, e lo fa attraverso i propri prodotti, i propri colori, continuando ad esprimere la propria sensibilità creativa.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who celebrated 10 years of Quintessenza Ceramiche with us.
This important milestone in which we recalled our initial sacrifices and first strokes of genius was a very special occasion to have fun together!

We look forward to seeing you next year at Cersaie, stay tuned!