Quintessenza Ceramiche at Milan Design Week

The worlds of Future Habit(At) are on stage in via Tortona 31. 

Quintessenza Ceramiche has taken part in MDW for the first time ever with 3 iconic collections: Marea, Confetti and Modulo.
The Quintessenza collections have been included in the Future Habit (at) concept created in collaboration with Studio Salaris and with the participation of over 80 brands that have contributed to staging the Design Experience.
How will we inhabit the spaces of the future? Will limits between private and working spaces still exist? Archiproducts Milano looks to the future to explore new answers to the same big questions. 
The furnishings, solutions and ideas in the new exhibition again transform the 15 rooms at Archiproducts in via Tortona 31 into possible visions of living in the future.

ROOM 5 | Alta-marea salvia matt

Intimate experience and sharing at Fuorisalone 

At Future Habit(at), Archiproducts Milano continues its investigation into new lifestyles and adds art to its imagery. Sinuous shapes and geometric-inspired games that personalize and embellish the walls.
In Room 5 and 6 the boiserie are tiled with the Marea collection that creates a ribbed effect in a contemporary style.

ROOM 6 | Bassa-marea bianco lucido

Once again, each room expresses a character, an atmosphere.
Future Habit(at) speaks of materials, surfaces and tactile experiences and, at the same time, immerses its visitors in dreamlike settings. 
As happens with the volumes of the Modulo and Confetti collections displayed in the window, a game of wild imagery between flora and fauna.

ROOM 3 | Modulo Inciso mattone


New design solutions

The Design Experience of the new Archiproducts Milano exhibition is also a new layout that stages Design as an ecosystem, a synthesis of different thrusts, shapes, and worlds yet in constant dialogue with each other.
An example is the kitchen worktop inside Room 3 that has been created with the multicolor black variant of the Confetti collection.

ROOM 3 | Confetti nero.muticolor – Modulo Inciso mattone – Modulo Inciso carbone – Confetti bianco.multicolor

How to describe the Future Habit(at) Design Experience:
Art cross-pollinates Design with its codes and languages – proposing content, aesthetic research, and claims of beauty.