Each collection, able to communicate with one another, tells about this new tactile, sensitive and philosophical path: travelling far and back.


Logica, Tinte, 3lati, Logica and Legnetti are interpreted in recreated locations and situations, enhancing and emphasizing the features of each model that come together in a multicollection style project.

In the shooting backstage developed for the last collections:

We adore ideas that promise to carry us far away. Lively, imaginative ideas that can generate others and create a chain reaction.  This is why we design ceramics that can evolve, cross borders and travel far.

We started from the triangle and its solid, unshakable perfection. An essential, elementary shape. Then came the colour and, after that, the movement. Step by step, meticulously dosing every change in tone.

Now these forms have multiplied. Ideas lead to new ideas, expanding precipitately. When we create something unprecedented, it always happens this way: a tremor rocks reality, filling it with new energy.

All our collections are a combination of internal references and transversal constants: a colour that binds the collections together, a size that distinguishes them or the sensation of one surface that recalls another.

We pursue ideas that travel far and then return with even more character than when they left.